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We are proud to provide reflective attic radiant barrier insulation to homes in the San Antonio, Austin, and South Texas area. Our Barrier is a revolutionary new product that helps to cut energy costs by up to 25 percent. This radiant barrier insulation can actually reflect 97 percent of the radiant heat that tries to build up in your attic, which is the number one cause of home energy waste. With an our radiant barrier, not only do you get the cost-saving benefits but you can also qualify for certain federal energy tax credits.

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There are three different forms of energy transfer that are responsible for energy loss in residential homes – conduction, convection, and radiant heat emission. Traditional r-value insulation does an adequate job of stopping both conduction and convection, but fails to stop emission (radiant heat). Our Radiant Barrier is proud to claim the highest E-value rating in the industry, which measures a radiant barriers’ ability to block emission. As a retrofit product, our radiant barrier can be installed in addition to any existing traditional r-value insulation, creating the most comprehensive energy-blocking barrier imaginable.


In addition to having the highest E-rated radiant barrier, Super R has a class-A fire rating, contains no allergens, and won’t off-gas like the competition. A radiant barrier is the most cost-effective solution to your home’s energy waste problem, as adding just one layer has shown to be more effective at blocking radiant heat transfer than adding five inches of fiberglass insulation. Learn what many South Texas homeowners already know; Super R is the strongest radiant barrier on the market and can cut energy bills by 25 percent. We offer a free energy consultations to assess if your home can benefit from installing a radiant barrier.


Our’ Radiant Barrier helps homes be more energy efficient by reflecting the summer heat away from your attic, but it also works in the winter months. This radiant barrier works during the cold months by reflecting the heat trying to escape through your attic back into your home, keeping your home at a comfortable level year round. If your attic is too small for a radiant barrier, check out our insulation to help for home.


Shaving the costs off your energy bill with a radiant barrier is a no-brainer. In fact, this type of home improvement project can end up paying itself off in as little as three years. But how much will it cost? Every home is different, and every radiant barrier solution varies. The pitch of your roof, square footage, and existing insulation play key roles in how much reflective insulation material you’ll need to complete the project. Our energy experts along with our free energy analysis can ensure a custom solution that is right for you home. For a free radiant barrier consultation, call or sign up today. Our experienced representatives are also extremely nice with their no pressure demonstrations that show how the product works in your own home.


How Much Does a Radiant Barrier Cost?


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